What do you want God to do for you?

paying for God 4 Everyone who is viewing this picture right now asks your self that question; What do you want God to do for you? Search your heart deeply before you come up with an answer. I would like to begin with mines first. What I want God to do for me is to change me inside and out. I am asking God to do a new thing to me. I’m asking God to take away all the lifelong pain and suffering I endured. I am asking God to help me understand what is truly my purpose for the rest of my life. I am asking God to implant in me his entire holy bible. I am asking God to help me change my bad habits. I am asking God to show me how to season my words before I say them so they can pierce anyone that here it and they can’t say no. I am asking God to show me how to be a better stewartist with finances. I am asking God to open the floodgates of heaven and let it rain in my life. I am asking God to awaken the gifts within me I know nothing off. I am asking God to help me with my faith. I am asking God to make me bold and fearless of man and anything in this world. I’m asking God to allow me to understand his word clear to receive the secret hidden between them all. I am asking God to introduce me to his holy angels one by one and allow me to see and hear each of them daily.I asking God to increase my healing ability to my self and mankind. I’m asking God to show me everything I know nothing of. I am asking God to help me to help others in need. I’m asking God to put a stop to Crime, the killing, starving, using, sickness, poorness, anger, raping, stealing, lusting, wrong sex, evilness. I’m asking God to teach me how to teleport from one nation to another. I’m asking God to teach me how to speak in my spirit to him and others. I’m asking God to baptize me in the fire of Holy Spirit. I’m asking God to speak to me so clearly that I never miss his instruction. I’m asking God to help bring the vision he placed in me alive before I die and leave this world. I’m asking God to fix what I can’t with the one I love so much. I am asking God to not let one more child, women and mand to die. I’m asking God to make his self-known to all in this world like he did when none of theses thinks we have right now didn’t exist. I’m asking God to help me with complete financing to bring into this world the inventions and better way of life for so many people in need. I mean I can go on and on and on. What do you want God to do for you? Write it down and say your prayers to God Amen.

A Bitter Spirit And Soul

Why do you want to scream like this woman in this pick? What got you to this point? Who is the person or persons doing this to you?  What caused it turn into anger motion was it because of your brokenness caused by another or others? What did this make you want to do immediately? How long did it take for you to spiritually remove it? What was the process? How did it feel as you went through each step?  Because I felt this man took my trust and betrayed me in the worst way.  All the unnecessary behaviors, the embarrassments, all the lying, all the suffering, all the moments this man lied to my face about so many things etc. I know for me it devastated me. I felt so lost and unwanted. I felt used as well as abused in so many ways. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of this type of love. I felt that this person was any women’s nightmare in the flesh. It made me want to seek revenge in the worst way; like take him from the world but deep in his mind; where there is no escape. I wanted him to feel like he was suffocating; drowning, set on fire over and over again, shot point blank in the mouth where all his lies came from and who knows what else he did with that mouth with dirty women who don’t care about themselves. I wanted to do so many things to him but I know I wouldn’t break the law and go to prison for the rest of my life over a sick minded dam man. So I had to pray for God to save me from him and my self; I had to repent of fornication; I honestly didn’t care at the time while I was doing this because I was in love; but being in love if your not doing God’s will is still a sin and I knew it; So I knew what happens in this relationship with me and him I had it coming. See if you live in sin you will suffer for doing the sin period ,no  if and or buts about it. It took me awhile to stop wanting him so bad. I went through the denial that it was truly over between he and I. I still felt that desire to call him; and even though he didn’t respond back to me the way I wanted him so I was willing to even settle for just a little of what we use to have. Now later this is plain damn stupid ok. Also, I tried in so many ways to get him to come back to me. I cried so many nights for him. I prayed and ask God to bring this man I love so much back to me. I decreed and declared and spoke the this be as thou they are not. But guess what people nothing this man was long gone and I knew I just didn’t want to believe. I didn’t want to accept that he could say those things to me and then walk away and continue to be so rude to me. This hurt like hell people real talk. To be honest I didn’t want to let my fine man go. I love this man with all my heart. But as time went on reality set in this dam man wasn’t coming back to me. I really needed my head exam for real. I wasn’t losing a loving man; actually, he did me a favor because he was nothing but trouble.  I actually felt kind of sorry for him; because all he knows is the streets, jail, prison, and sickness and being a control freak, a more abusive of the worst kind, sick minded, out of control and felt that he was God’s gift to any woman. I must admit he is fine but he a sick fine that will make women forget who they are just to be with him; it is as if he had you under his spells like voodoo or something. I don’t know what or whom made him who he became up until now, but I do know the bad boy way of living he will be until the day he dies. I remember him telling me when we had our first private moment that I was in big trouble. I didn’t take it seriously I thought he meant making love but if I knew what I know now I would have left him in the first place and never called this man again. It is true what they say what love can and will make you do because of your so in love. How about ladies and men that we all learn to love ourselves more than who we want to be with. It’s not worth it too; to lose your self for the sake of your so-called lover or partner. Love you first, love you first, lover your self first, please. I knew in order for me to make I had to take one day at a time. Yes, this hurt because your memories come to you more then you want them too. You see people when you not at home so in love it just makes you want to walk up to this and say; you make feel like this right now but you will not later. I know I will always love him and someone deep within him he knows he truly loves me he just wasn’t prepared for the real love he only knew how to react to fake ass love.  So many will love the love of there lives out of stupidity. They will live the rest of their lives wondering what it would have with a life with the person they forced to leave out of their lives; they will be miserable as hell. But this will be a time in your life where you have to dig deep to find who were before you met this person and who you still are after this person walked out of your life. Or maybe it was a mutual agreement or may neither of you could say what you where feeling at that time so one let the other just up and go and left it at that. You have to at some point let him or her go. If you don’t you will stay sad, lost, hateful, hurting all the time and crying; and you will be satisfying the loser who walk on you. The wonderful thing about all of this; and yes I know you don’t feel this way right now but you will later. Because it does take time to fully let him or her go but once it’s done trust me you will never look back and get this you may one day come across that same damn fool still the same but he or her will just want you like never before but whats the best part about it they have to live with that choice the man that day that moment and that year they walked out of your life and left you broken beyond repair. What’s going to help you is to get rid of anything that’s going to remind you of that person, and don’t go to the place you and that person use to go to, and stay clear of his friends period. The last step is to draw near to our God and Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Pour out how you truly fill deep inside; God wants to know also forgive that person. Last God to help you fix whats so torn up deep inside you that very moment. Give all this to God and let God do the rest amen….

When Do You Know It’s Time To Let Go

Letting Go Gods way

Time so much time wasted and you have to ask your self how did this happen. Waisted by deep emotions which were created by the many many mistakes we allowed or honestly didn’t want to allow in our daily lives. One can always place the blame on another but when it’s all said and done; we reach that point of no return. So my question to you is how do we know when it’s time to let go? When you have finally honestly had enough and there is no turning back period.

I Want To Know Why!!!!

People Asking Why

In the above picture do you see your self-standing their like them saying I want to know Why? All over this earth, people are saying this every second, minute, and on the hour. When you are trying to find your way as a child, teenager, then as an adult you find your self-saying I want to know Why. So know what is it going to take to find the answer to this question. So we go through so much. But we can’t figure out why Things aren’t  working out. Why is it taking so long? Why do I act the way I do? Why do I speak to others wrongfully? Why do I get mad so fast? Why do I always want it my way? Why do I always have to be right but never wrong?  Why do I choose to be around the wrong people.? What is it about them that attracts me to them. What are they doing that I like? Why do I fight with others so easily? Why do I curse at people with such powerful hurtful words and really don’t care; and feel that I had a right to break some on down the way that I did? Why does my boss keep picking on me and no one else? Why can’t I seem to keep up with my bills? Why can’t I stop spending when I don’t need to? Why do I feel I have to compete with others? Why do they talk about me behind my back? Why did they treat me with my children so badly? Why are the gang bangers killing my children or husbands or wives? why are so many dying too soon and the graveyards are filling up daily? Why do I trust the wrong people with my body, mind, spirit, and soul? Why didn’t I see this bad thing about to happen to me? Why do I do stupid things or say stupid things? Why did I live my life base on what others said I would never become? Why did I find my self in places I didn’t care to be? Why can’t I stop living a life of crime? Why do I keep going back to the very people I know who will hurt me over and over again? I ‘mean people the list is endless. If Sins dwells within each of us then we are bound by all the negative things in our lives. We can deny this daily but It is the truth. We tend to push others away who knows this about us because we are not ready to accept anything that is the truth about us. So we are so nasty to anyone who tells us pretty much about our selves can I get an amen. So there are some things we do within our selves we need to change. I must tell you that this is a process; this is not an overnight thing people. It takes time, but you must be willing to take the first step

  1. Decide first of all what is it you want to change.
  2. Decide this and do it.
  3. Don’t look back.
  4. Don’t ask anyone who is not of God to do this with you.

If you have never known God before; and God has been tugging at your heart this pray is for you. If you have known God but walk away this prayer is also for you.

Heavenly Father; I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I have messed of my life. I have been very lost for a long time. My path is not god. The choices I made I am not proud of. I destroy my self and all who were connected with me. I said mean things to other. Others said them back to me. I hate what I have become.  People told me I will always be this way and that I will never mount to another but trouble. They told me I will never find love. They said I’m so evil. They told me I could never be trusted. They told me I’m a liar, cheater, hater, user, nasty person. They said I will die this way and I will spend the rest of my life in hell. They told me also that a  God like you could never forgive me. Some told me that you are a forgiving God.  They told me if I accept Jesus as my savior. If I confess that Jesus died on the cross and rose on the 3 days and is not sitting at the right hand of our God. God, here I am; I don’t know is going to happen to me. But I’m tired and I want you to take over my life. I know  I wasn’t able to do anything by my self. Teach me your ways create in me a clean heart. Please take away everything that is not of you that is still around me daily. Help me to change. Control what I say out of my mouth. Give me the ability to forgive and apologize to everyone who hurt me and for them to also forgive me for hurting them back. Please create in me a clean heart. Help me God to become what you always wanted me to be. I know what else to do. Please connect me with the right women and men of God. Appoint me to a church for I don’t know where to go to begin my change amen……

Get a bible and begin to learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost Spirit. You are about to change and be ready for the bad to turn into good in Jesus name Amen. I am expecting testimonies people; please come back to my blog and share with us here. I’m on fire to hear what God will or has been doing in your life amen amen amen.

You Don’t have to take it

You don't have to take it

Why are we as women allowing the world and in it, dictate our future. Why are so many of us afraid to step up to the plate? Who said we don’t have what it takes. This is not a mans world; it’s God’s world. Why do we still fall back like our commander tells us in the army? Why do we sit there day after day and complain about what you don’t like or if you see others really making a difference and you have the nerve to say I wish I could that, or I should have gone with my gut instinct? Or you say that could have been me. We never have to envy one another. God said he would make room for our gifts.  So that should have you shouting amen and hallelujah.  Stop also using excuses for it is a weakness; in saying I’m not worthy when all know this is a lie. God said in his word that we can do all things which Christ Jesus which strengthens us amen…..

Why are you hiding behind the mask ?

women behind the mask

Many moments in my left I felt like the picture above this text. I knew for a fact it was because of the hidden truths behind my sins. It was a way to keep people out of my business. It was a way to hide how I was truly feeling in side. It was a way to hold on to some thing that wasn’t good for me.  I could fool people by using words saying I was ok yet deep in side I was a total mess. I always felt I could deal with the silence of true emotions hidden from the world. I could get dress, put on makeup, eat, drink my water or what ever was my choice and when It was time, I would depart from my home. So tell are you doing right now what I use to do? I want you to know this is not healthy at all and you find your self as well falling into deep depression or oppression as well. God doesn’t want this for me back then or for you right now. There is a winner on your side and his name is Jesus. He loves each of you; He doesn’t care about all you sins; all that is required is to repent; next accept Jesus as your savior, be baptized in a blessed church; and your pastor will call for the comforter which is the Holy Spirit to come and be with you; Get you a very good bible in which you truly understand the scriptures and join the family as we are embarking  on a life for the Good with our God his son Jesus and our comforter the Holy Spirit. What God will do in your life. Watch whom God will bring into your life to help you grow bold in his will and God will always get the glory. Man will always fail you but God will never leave you nor forsake you; he will be with you to the end of this earth. He will teach of his way and not of the world ways. He will show you the way you must go. He will do a new thing in you. He has always loved you; even when you were in all that sin. he sent his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him will not perish but have ever lasting life amen. One day you will become a living testimony and tell the world all that has done for you/ You will be able to do just like I share, share, share so we can help others to be set free. Whom the Son set free is free indeed amen…..